Enough with Doc McStuffins. Get your kids off the couch and enjoy the summer weather, together. Holidays can be a great time to bond with your children and maybe even let your inner child come out to play. And bored kids might start misbehaving. It’s best to put a little bit of advanced planning into the summer holidays and prepare yourself with a lot of activities to keep the little ones out of mischief.

With things to do at home, in the garden, outdoors, and the odd activity that costs money, here are a range of activities to choose from.


Make your own games

Get a supply of coloured card, children’s scissors, glue and anything else you may want to make some fun games. Games like hoopla and pin the tail can be easily made at home and will keep the children occupied for some time. Be sure to work closely with them, as they’ll probably need a little help.

Cooking and baking

Once a week plan a cooking and baking day. Involve the kids in the process from the beginning–let them choose from a selection of recipes. If they can read, get them to read from the recipe book. Step by step, help them to work through the instructions. Try to avoid the temptation of doing it yourself.

Building game

Kids always feel good knowing that they’re part of a building project. Keep them busy by having them help you build a garden chair, a cupboard or even wooden decking. Assist them at all times and never let them do the project on their own. They will love getting their hands a bit dirty.  

Go swimming

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, go swimming whenever possible. The beach has a calming effect on children and they’re bound to use up a lot of their energy playing in the sand and the shallows, which means they won’t be quite as active when they get home. If you don’t live close to the beach, maybe try a public swimming pool instead.

Organise play dates

Plan some play dates and invite friends over. While they spend time with their friends it may give you the opportunity to get some work done and perhaps even connect with other parents. Plus, the invite may be returned some day.

Take nature walks

Go on nature walks with a purpose. On the beach, collect shells and then make a shell castle or sculpture. In the forest, get kids to seek out different sorts of bugs, plants or trees. Alternatively, give them a map to plot the route you’re taking. By giving them control and a plan, you will ensure that they don’t get bored too quickly.


This is one of the nicest ways to express your creativity. Get large sheets of paper and lots of paint. Let your kids go mad and use their hands and feet – it’s liberating. To avoid any stress, prepare the area well and cover with plastic or newspaper. Have some water on hand to wash when they’re finished.

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